They say charity begins at home so welcome to your new home of corporate charity fundraising Planitfirewalking.co.uk exists to help other people excel.

With planitfirewalking.co.uk it's safe to take that first step of faith go to our FIREWALK RESERVATION page then sign up to help make a positive difference to another person's life and maybe yours too.


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Things change - when YOU change things.
Planit Firewalking training methods are based on some good old fashioned fun as well as new and innovative NLP based accelerated learning techniques to take part reserve your booking online here in 5 easy steps.
  • 1. Date - Select your preferred date for your event.
  • 2. Name – Enter contact name and name of your company/pub or charity the walk is in aid of.
  • 3. Pay – Pay your fee to reserve and secure your chosen date. (After payment is received a Quality Control Manager will contact you to confirm your booking)
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  • 5. BARCODE – Let us know your Booking Agent Reference Code (BARCODE) If none leave blank or enter ZZZ

To keep our Secret Sales Agents secret - they are not named but they are numbered. Let us know which Booking Agent Reference CODE (BARCODE) you have been given. This helps us to reward those that have helped you.
If you cannot remember or have not been given a CODE then either leave that box empty or enter ZZZ.
Click add to cart. This will take you through to a secure gateway to process your payment via PAYPAL then simply complete your PAYPAL order on line safe in the knowledge that you are now just a fire walk away from changing lives.
On behalf of the Planit Firewalking team we thank you.

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